Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sponsorship Update

Well, I never heard back from the guy. However, over the weekend I encountered two co-owners (I think) of "card-sharx apparel." After playing and chatting with them for several hours at the Rio, we got to talking about sponsorship. They already have some sorts of deals with Annie Duke, Clonie Gowen, Greg Raymer, Howard Lederer, Eric Seidel, Phil Gordron, Amir Vahedi, and Chris Ferguson. They told me they would consider making me a "featured pro" for their website, but that they weren't ready to start paying my way into tournaments. I asked by email what they meant by "featured pro." Here is the response:

Hi Keith,

Basically what we are looking to do is just give someone some nice shirts to wear when they play all the time in cash games our tournaments. In exchange for you doing this we will list you as a featured pro on your website. I am the largest site and have license deals with Annie Duke, Howard Lederer, Phil Gordon, Erik Siedel, Amir Vahedi, Greg Raymer and more. This gives you instant credibility. This way you can work with other people to sponsor you into big events etc. All we ask if you get another sponsor to pay for the WSOP etc…is that you still wear our logo also as well as his on the same shirt etc.

Not all of this is perfectly clear. (He is "the largest site"?) I guess the idea is that by putting my name alongside those of a bunch of big-name pros, I might be better able to convince somebody else to sponsor me for tournaments. Hmmmm.... rather enticing. It might even work. However, I feel rather uncomfortable misrepresenting myself like this. Besides, the fact that I've never even played a major tournament would be sure to come out at some point, and I imagine any potential sponsors would have a problem with that last part: "you still wear our logo also as well as his on the same shirt etc."

I think I should call the cardroom guy back again.

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adspar said...

man, i'm missing out on goofy shit like this. nobody comes into my house in maryland and offers to give me boxers with their logo to wear while i play.