Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm Getting Married!

Let's see... what have I been up to since I last posted three months ago? Most significantly, Brigid and I have decided to get married; the wedding will be March 28 in Cleveland. I'm still working at the Bike, where things have slowed down a bit. I went home to Massachusetts for Thanksgiving, but I stayed in LA for Christmas. I was recognized at the casino by a reader of this blog (a first for me - see the comments in the previous post). One of my friends who shared my schedule has taken the past two weeks off due a death in his family; I'm not sure when he'll be back. Poker's still going well for me: I made more this year than the past two, but mostly because I played more hours (last year I had a much better win rate). I played a very small tournament in Vegas and came in 5th out of 40 players.  

Possible topics of future posts: 
  • A new game coming to the Bike called "2-1-1," a variation on Omaha high-low 
  • The strange conventional wisdom among poker players pertaining to being "stuck," playing short-handed, and other things
  • Good things about playing at the Bike
  • My future in poker
  • Interesting or amusing poker hands (these still come up almost every day)