Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Holidays

After a great (and quite profitable) weekend meeting FJDelgado and hanging out with Joe and Aaron, I'm back home for the holidays until New Year's. It's always a nice change of pace, hanging out with the family and old friends and going for walks out in the frigid air. Happy Holidays everyone... unless you are one of the minority (I hope) of Christians who are offended by the phrase "Happy Holidays" like Bill O'Reilly is. In that case, Screw You.


Alex said...

I'll plan a trip soon. I've got the poker bug again.

I have only played sparingly online since Memorial Day. After cashing out for all but 1k, I have dabbled with my remaining money since the end of May and have found my game struggling, having turned 1000 into 100 in my limited play over the past five months...this was my worst losing streak, as I don't play all that much.

But I read Annie Duke's book in the DR, and I realized why I've been struggling--pure aggresiveness. I was not re-raising on the turn (regardless of my cards) nearly enough. I played 6 $30 10-person no limit tournaments last night and finished 1st in 3, 3rd in 1, 6th in 1 and last in the other after having my KK cracked on the first hand of the game. I was very encouraged.

Here was my favorite hand of the night...

About 7 people left, I get dealt A/8 suited (diamonds) as the big blind. With about 1500 chips, the first better bets 75 (blinds 15/30). Three callers in front of me, so, only having to pay 45, I call.

Flop is 3 diamonds, K 10 6. I'm in last position. All five people in (me included) have over 1000 chips. I have slightly more than all of them).

First person bets 200. Everyone calls. Shocked, I call as well.

Turn card is a 4 of clubs. First guy bets 200 again. Everyone calls again. Stunned, I debate whether to raise here or just call. Figuring that if I go all-in, someone holding on for a 5th diamond will fold rather than wait for the last card, I decide to just call.

Last card is a 9 of hearts. First guy goes all in for his remaining chips (about 500). Second guy calls. Third guy finally folds. Fourth guy calls.

I stare at the screen for a few minutes to make sure I haven't misread the hand--yes, my hand is the best, just as it has been the nuts from the flop.

So, I go all-in and it goes back around with the other three putting in the remainder of their chips.

First person had trip 10s. Second person had stayed in with QJ and hit his straight on the river. Person 4 had AK. Person 3 (I asked him after) had the Queen of diamonds and folded when he didnt hit his fourth diamond.

So, that was certainly my best luck of the night.

F.J. Delgado said...

Happy Holidays to you and yours as well!

It was a blast hanging out with you and your friends last week, hope to do it again soon.