Thursday, December 01, 2005

Rio Update

When I reported on the Rio last time, I complained that the walk from the parking garage was too long. It turns out there is one right outside the poker room, but I just didn't realize it until my friend Dan pointed it out. To get there, you drive by the main entrance, and take a right on Valley View (the one before you get to the Palms) and then the parking is on the right.

Recently I've been playing earlier in the evening because I haven't been awake very late. Unfortantely, the Rio usually only has one 2-5 NL table going at this time, and it takes a while to get a seat. Also, the game doesn't seem quite as wild as it was a couple weeks ago, especially in the early evening. Still, it's the best 2-5 NL game I know of. Also, they have three different poker magazines available to help pass the time while I wait for a table.

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