Sunday, September 11, 2005


A man in his 60's at the 15-30 table yesterday was flirting with an elderly woman sitting to my left. After a while I looked at him and chuckled; his response was to wink at me, marking the first time since I moved to Vegas that I have been winked at. He winked at me two more times within the hour.

The reason I bring this up is that before moving to Vegas, men had winked at me several times at the poker tables, which is something I find both off-putting and intriguing. Nowhere else does this happen. The last time I can remember being winked at by a man outside of a poker room is... well, never. I'm pretty sure it happened when I was a small child but I can't really remember any instances. In the poker room, it tends to happen after I laugh at a witty remark someone has made, but on TV shows (my only other frame of reference for the meaning of winks) it seems to mean something like "what I just said isn't really true, don't tell anyone!" Anyway, I've laughed at witty remarks in many other venues and nobody ever winks at me anywhere else. I just wanted to share this odd little observance about poker rooms.

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