Thursday, September 01, 2005


The events alluded to in my previous post occurred in the wee hours of this morning, Thursday, September 1. On the previous night, by which I mean Aug 30, I had done reasonably well playing 15-30 limit and 2-5 NL at the Bellagio. This was my first poker since the my misadventures documented in my "Tilting" post, because I took a trip back to DC to visit the girlfriend. Anyway, I didn't get back from the Bellagio until after 4:30 AM Wednesday morning. For some reason I had trouble sleeping and at around 8 AM, after the sun had come up, I decided to go out for a run while it was still cool (it gets up to 105 or higher almost every day here). I was finally able to get to sleep at 10:30 but got a phone call at 11. I fell asleep again at around 1 and was woken up around 2:30 by another phone call. Fell asleep again around 4 and was woken up a third time by yet another call around 5. I got another hour and a half of sleep from 9:30 PM to 11 PM. Needless to say, this is a ridiculous and unhealthy way to structure one's day. It was at 1 AM that I left my apartment intending to go to the Wynn, but ended up at the Bellagio by force of habit. As I write this it is 6 PM on September 1 and I still haven't slept since last night, so you will have to kindly excuse my ending this post here just before things get interesting. I don't want to forget anything. Tomorrow's post will be more fun, I assure you.

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