Monday, March 23, 2009

New Schedule,Again

This past week I've been working on a new schedule. It's not all that different: I now go in at 9am instead of 7am. I'm not thrilled about the change, since it means I have to drive through traffic before 9 and then again at 5pm when I go home. The traffic isn't so bad, though (about 15 minutes extra in both directions), and it's nice being able to get up later than 6am. Also, I was ready for a change of pace after listening to NPR's Marketplace at 3pm every day for the past several months.

It seems like the 2-11 game has died out. I don't think the Bike ever spread it above 4-8.

I'm getting married this Saturday, so I'm taking most of the week off from work.


rick said...

Congratulations! How was the wedding?

Max said...

Congratulations on your wedding!!!

And what's wrong with marketplace? I love listening to them - it's probably my favorite news program on NPR.

Warren said...

Voted one of the two best weddings in America over the previous 12 months.

Keith said...

Thanks everyone! The wedding was great, everything went smoothly, and I think most people had a lot of fun at the reception.

Marketplace has been a little depressing over the past year or so. It's still a good show, but "All Things Considered" is a welcome respite to Marketplace's daily doomsaying.