Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Google Ads

It seems I can put up ads on my blog. They would be generated by Google in the same way the ads for gmail work: ehe text of my blog would be scanned for key words so that the ads are related to my blog's content. The ads on gmail tend to be unobtrusive and often pertinent. If I do this and anyone actually clicks on an ad, I get paid some nominal sum. I'm also pretty curious to see what will be advertised, so unless I have a sudden change of heart, expect to see some ads up in a day or two.


adspar said...

i think adsense specifically mentions that you can't use it on sites with gambling content.

Keith said...

Ok, thanks for informing me. I think I'll hold off on the ads for now.

Lauren said...

Maybe you should talk about anime, video games, or books or something. I might click on the links then.