Thursday, August 17, 2006

Celebs Playing 3-6 limit at the Mirage

I've now played poker with two supporting actors from TV shows at 3-6 limit tables at the Mirage. A few months ago, it was Brad Garrett from "Everybody Loves Raymond." Last night I was sitting next to a guy I'm pretty sure was Powers Boothe, from "Deadwood" and Sin City. I also have heard Jason Alexander plays there sometimes, but I've never seen him. I don't really have a story to tell, I just think Powers Boothe is cool enough that I should post about it. And if it wasn't him I was playing with earlier, well, that guy sure looked a lot like Powers Boothe, which is kind of interesting in its own right, I guess.

In case you actually care: Here is some evidence I found that Powers Boothe might actually play poker, which makes me feel somewhat more confident it was really him. (Search for "poker." It's a bit more than half way down the page.)


joe said...

Just wondering, did anyone else at the table or walking by seem to notice?

I was also wondering... if he was Powers Boothe, did he sound the same as Cy Tolliver?

That would be sweet.

Keith said...

Unfortunately he didn't say anything while I was at the table. He was remarkably quiet, in fact. He might have thought I was kind of annoying because he was sitting between me and Brigid and I was talking to her across him. At that point I hadn't really looked at his face, so I hadn't yet realized who he was.