Sunday, October 23, 2005

Oh Snap!

The term "Oh Snap!" is one of my favorite from back in elementary school through high school. Anyway, while combing through the "two plus two" message boards I came across an interesting thread criticizing a recent Negreanu article, which was somewhat derogatory towards "math types" (of which I consider myself one). Some familiar names are represented in this thread. Here is one of the posts. The inside quote is David Sklansky writing in response to Negreanu himself, and the outside quote is Negreanu responding again to Sklansky. This is just awesome, and I especially like the "Oh Snap!" response by one of the message board posters.

For the record, I've seen Sklansky with a woman at the Bellagio, and if she is only 23, well... let's just say there's no way she was only 23.

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