Monday, October 17, 2005

Negreanu's Blog

While playing the 2-5 at the Bellagio tonight, somebody mentioned that Daniel Negreanu had posted on his blog that he could beat the 5-10 NL game at the Wynn without ever looking at his cards. Hmmm... I decided to check it out and it turns out he was writing about the night I saw him there. He even mentioned that the 10-20 mixed game was full, corroborating one of my stories from a couple posts ago. So for all you skeptical fuckers out there, you can take that as confirmation that I really did almost play with him on Wednesday.

Incidentally I've been doing pretty well in the 2-5 NL games, and Negreanu's comments are making me consider trying the 5-10 NL at the Wynn. In fact, with the way he was playing, I hope he shows up again.

Oh, and that Poker Stars Tournament already has over 1000 entrants, so it's going to take forever, and with such a large field it's probably unlikely that I'll win anything. Should I bother to play it?


Keith said...

There seems to be some confusion about part of my post among my non-posting friends who read my blog. There weren't really any "skeptical fuckers." That was meant sarcastically, which I thought was clear because why would someone think I was trying to lie about that?

adspar said...

I've discovered that there is a large and fairly tight-knit community of poker bloggers. They're a little weird, but generally very nice. I'm not really part of the "in crowd" but I guess technically I'm in that loop, as are you now.

Anyway, those guys love to get together and play tournaments, so I'm sure this PokerStars tournament was one of their ideas. In fact, Pokerstars has an official blog, run by a long time poker blogger, so I'd be surprised if this didn't start with him.

My point is that most of the field will be seeing this an a social event more than a profit opportunity. I will be seeing it as a profit oppportunity.

F.J. Delgado said...

I just discovered your blog by way of my buddy adspar, I dig it, hope you're enjoying your time out there (I plan on moving out to Vegas in 2006).

How have the Bellagio limit games been recently?

Keith said...

I've barely played the limit games at the Bellagio in over a month, but I used to play the 15-30 game occassionally. The players in that game are probably about as good as the players at 2-5 NL, if those two games can be compared. That is, there are usually about two pros, 2-3 fish, and 4 solid players. The 8-16 limit game is pretty juicy, though.