Thursday, February 16, 2012

Questions from the Swarthmore Math Talk

I've been thinking about some of the questions I got during and after the talk on Tuesday. I'm pleased with the way I responded for the most part - despite nervousness, I was able to think clearly and give what I think were thoughtful answers to each question. I'm going to use some of those questions as fodder for future posts here on the blog. I know that at least one person other than myself thought each of these questions was worth having answered, which is one more than usual for this blog! I'll share what I can remember from what I said during the talk and add anything else I think is interesting.

Some sample questions I remember:

Is it really optimal to play pure strategies in the [0,1] no-fold one raise game?
Would I recommend professional poker or grad school to undergrad math majors?
How often do I raise?
Do I buy in short or deep in cash games?
Why don't I play tournaments?
Do players at casinos usually know who the props are?

I'll also try to answer other questions if anyone asks in the comments section on this post, especially if you were at the talk (but even if you weren't).


Anonymous said...

One more: Why didn't you play online instead of live? Multi-tabling, much lower rake, statistical tracking software + having a HUD, lower overhead costs, no smoke, etc make a compelling argument for online professional play. To be fair the player pool is much tougher, but surely it must have been worth checking out?

Keith said...

Thanks for the question; I answered it in this post.