Monday, May 09, 2011

Moving to Maryland

The Los Angeles era is almost over (for me, anyway). Brigid got a good job out in Mt. Airy, MD, so we'll be moving there this summer. The closest poker room, I think, will be "Hollywood Casino" in Charles Town, West Virginia. It's actually not very far from Mt Airy, but this still probably means my poker career is over or at least on hiatus. Although poker has treated me pretty well financially the past few years, I haven't really felt passionate about it. Even moving up in stakes after I got laid off didn't help. I've already stopped playing poker except on rare occasions, instead watching little Calvin and investigating my other options.

I've mentioned my interest in trying something else several times on this blog (I did well on the LSAT in February), so this is could work out well. I'll likely go back to school, but not until fall 2012, so I'll pursue some other projects in the meantime. I'll use this blog as well as my twitter feed to give any substantial updates, but don't expect regular posts (or tweets) for a while.

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