Thursday, February 24, 2011

The (Poker) World in Turmoil

After playing very little this year due to LSAT studying and visitors, I went to the Commerce yesterday and was filled in on some gossip. Haig Kalegian, the Bike's managing general partner, has supposedly been bought out by a group including Hashem Minaiy, the Bike's CEO. I know both of them a little bit, Haig better than Hashem.  Meanwhile, several people tell me the Bike no longer runs the $500 NL game that I used to prop. This is particularly interesting to me because when I was laid off my supervisor told me they had a plan to keep the game going without me. I wonder if it was their plan all along to kill the game or if they just couldn't keep it going.

My winning streak ended in January... but it doesn't mean much since I only played seven hours.

Did you know there's a whole community living under Las Vegas?

Brigid should be finishing up her PhD soon (probably by the end of the year), so we may be on the move again as soon as September. Fortunately for me, poker rooms seem to be cropping up in the east as legislators look for new ways to bring in tax revenue. For example, there are big plans in Cleveland.


Anonymous said...

wondering if you could tell me how much the Bike offered you to stay on as an 8/16 prop? Thinking about doing it myself, really like your blog.

Keith said...

They offered $8.75/hour. They also give you your rake back, which is another $15/hour, so it's not a bad deal. I would be quite surprised if they are hiring now, but who knows? If they are, let me know!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I have no idea if they are hiring now, but they did tell me last week they were still using props in some games.
That is really not bad money, especially if the $15 rakeback portion is tax-free, as I have heard. I was just visiting, but wanting to move to CA and thinking about becoming a prop.

Anonymous said...

I just read on 2+2 that they are trying to get 15/30 limit holdem going at the Bike, and someone mentioned being approached about being a parttime prop to help get the game going. Not sure if you would want to go back, but since you asked me to let you know...
I would love to talk with you off blog about some things, please email me.
robgronotte at yahoo