Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Slow Days at the Bike

I changed my schedule; I still work four days, but now I work Mondays instead of Tuesdays in order to accommodate Calvin's daycare schedule. Yesterday, the $500 NL game never got started. This was the first time I've worked on a Monday since February, but this has never happened that I can remember on any day other than maybe once on Friday, which is always slow. Also, on Friday, the game didn't start until 6:45pm, 15 minutes before I go home. I've been playing Hi-Lo Stud (down about $500) and some $300-$500 buyin no-limit (up about $600). They did have a list for the $500NL game yesterday, and there were two $300-500 games going. Supposedly a lot of the regular players are at the Commerce for a holdem tournament series. I do hope the game kicks back up again soon, since I think it's the most profitable for me. Also, they might lay me off otherwise!

Meanwhile, people have been talking about the murder of a $20K jackpot winner on his way home from Hawaiian Gardens late Thursday or Friday night. The story is that the victim fought back against the thief and was hit by a car driven by the thief's accomplice. His girlfriend apparently escaped unharmed. There was some speculation at the casino that the girlfriend may have set him up.

This sort of thing is, of course, unfortunate, and for me it's also rather scary. I personally leave all but a few hundred of my cash at the casino each day, but I'm not sure a thief would realize I did this. It's not hard to recognize me as one of the regular players in the $500 NL game, and it might seem reasonable to assume I carry my entire bankroll with me. Indeed, I think there are a few people who do this. Unfortunately, this must make us all very tempting targets.


Anonymous said...

I like your posts and was also reading Calvin's blog a bit, to see if life gets easier or harder after the first 3 weeks, and was dejected to find that your blog makes it sound like it was all rosy with Calvin the whole time! With Gemma and Max, we can't believe how much crying they do sometimes. Gemma has been great lately actually, but man, Max sometimes loses it for like 3 hours straight.

micky said...

what is more scary is if someone sets you up - imagine that guy if it was planned by his girlfriend, scary stuff!

pinkerton said...

I'm flying to LAX in October for about a week. Generally I play at the Bike, but I'm worried about the lack of action and the lack of tables to choose from. I know games are hurting all over, but I'm wondering if I might be better off driving to Las Vegas after I land and spending a week there. Has action picked up any in the last month?

Keith said...

Yeah, things have picked up a bit. There are smaller NL games all the time, and the $500 NL has been starting by 12:30 every day. Yesterday the game went overnight and I started playing right at 11.

I'm actually going to Vegas in less than two weeks, but I haven't been there for over a year so I can't really say what the poker scene is like there.