Sunday, August 08, 2010

Keeping the Props

Last year I took almost three weeks off in August. This year I'm taking the whole month off. The Bike's big Legends tournament is in August, and they figure they don't need the props because they'll have plenty of players this month. The big news, though, is that we'll all be coming back at the end of the month. There had been rumors swirling since late June that we were being let go, and it was assumed that this would happen by August. In the middle of July, they called us to a meeting, and I think most people assumed we were going to be told when our last day was going to be. Instead, they told us we'd be keeping our jobs, but they wanted to emphasize some of the prop rules, such as no soft-playing and speaking only English at the table.

After the meeting, everything seems like it's back to normal, including the soft-playing and the Mandarin-speaking. The only thing that really changed is that a few props started looking for jobs at other casinos, and I suspect the Bike will lose at least one of their better props. It still seems like there's a decent chance the management will change its mind again and let us go in a few months. If they do, it wouldn't be a disaster for me; I could go back to playing on my own and take more time watching the baby. For the time being, I'm targeting September 1 as my return date.


dave said...

Sounds like they started the rumors so that people would start to leave of their own accord. Do you think you would like to go back to playing on your own again?

Keith said...

I think I would like it, but I think I'd suffer a substantial drop in (expected) income.

I mostly doubt it was why the rumors started, but I would agree that they were not overly concerned about the possibility some props would leave.