Thursday, August 27, 2009


Yesterday, I was offered a new position and a $10/hr pay raise. My new responsibilities would be to help the $500+ buyin NL holdem game. That's about it. The floormen would no longer be able to move me from one game to another, and I would have some more flexibility about whether to stay in a game or get up for a player who is waiting. If no $500 NL game is running, I can play whatever game I want, but I would be required to help start new $500 NL games. My hours would be pushed back two hours from 9am-5pm to 11-7, which I think is somewhat better because the traffic should be lighter.

I told my supervisor I would have to think about it. Before I was hired by the Bike, I used to routinely play the $500 NL game at Hollywood Park, so working the $500 NL at the Bike might seem like an ideal situation for me. However, I've come to prefer the limit game over the past year. My results are better, and I feel more comfortable in limit. Also, the $500 NL players have extra intense egos, and I like to try to avoid getting too involved with such people. Since there are pretty much the same people at the $500 NL game every day, it will be difficult for me to escape their bullshit.

After thinking it over last night, though, I decided to take the job. I don't think it will take long for me to become comfortable with it. Hopefully only a day, and no more than a few weeks, I'd guess. As for dealing with the out-sized personalities in that game, I'm hoping it won't be too much of a problem. I already have to deal with plenty of BS in the holdem and hi-lo stud games I play every day, but somehow it seems that the variety of different people it comes from makes it more tolerable. Having to deal with the same people every day is going to be at least a little grating. I decided I could put up with it for the extra $10/hr.

Since I'm taking time off from Sept 11-27 for my honeymoon to Paris, my supervisor decided I should wait until October 1 to start in my new position. Anyway, this means I'll be playing way more no-limit pretty soon, so it's quite appropriate that I've been analyzing No Limit Hold 'em: Theory and Practice this past week. I hope to continue that tomorrow night.


Dave said...

Congrats on the pay bump! The only problem I see is the same thing you already mentioned: The Bike really only has 1 $500 game, with the same 15 or so players. Probably understating the amount of players a bit, but I really only see the same cast of characters every time I'm there. Since the girl moved to AZ there's even less players.

Bet you were glad to get moved from the 5-5 game yesterday afternoon. That knucklehead was riding you hard, for no reason that I could phantom. Then again, he rode everybody, including the dealers. He cussed out one dealers, and actually put rough hands on a dealer right after you left.

Not sure why he didn't get the boot. Well, he was the fish in the game, so I'm glad he didn't.

Keith said...


Fortunately, I do not expect to see that guy back at the Bike anytime soon. He had been causing problems all day yesterday. He was back again today and got in a big argument at the $500 NL table with one of the other players. I'm not sure what was going on, but the commotion seemed to be dying down, with our "friend" saying "you're accusing me of cheating!" The other player was still complaining that the previous pot should be his. A minute later our "friend" had gathered up the chips (their rightful ownership still being unestablished) and walked away from the table. The other player started crying out that somebody needed to stop him. Anyway, a floorman told me later that the guy had left the casino, chips in hand.

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens if he shows up again at the Bike.

Danyul said...

Congrats I think? I always disliked the $500 NL game at the bike as compared to the $500 game at HP. I loved the HP game. Maybe this is all just results based as I do not think I ever really had too many good sessions at the $500 bike. It just seems as though the $500 game at the bike was never very actiony because there were too many props in it. But now that you are in it, I am sure that will change drastically!