Monday, October 20, 2008

Re: The Pinky Nail

In a previous post I brought up the odd trend of men keeping a long pinky nail. Reader comments informed me that the purpose was to snort coke. Since then, I've actually seen a lot of women with the extra long pinky nail, as well.

This past week, for the first time, the topic was brought up at a poker table. A middle-aged middle-eastern man at my 20-40 limit table sported the long pinky nail, and a 40-something Asian woman asked him, "what's with the long finger-nail? Is that supposed to be a sex symbol or something?"

Rather bashfully, the man answered, "no, it's just a habit of mine. No reason."

I still find it remarkable that so many people have made cocaine such an integral part of their lives that they are willing to make a public statement about it by keeping their pinky nails long. My view of the average cocaine user has certainly been altered; while the pinky nail is still most common in middle-aged asian and middle-eastern men, these men have a fully diverse range of occupations and personalities.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Mine are long because i can grow long nails plus i found out how to keep them super hard

Anonymous said...

I dont understand why people dont like long nails on men we can grow them longer harder than any girl whats the big deal i grow them because i can

Anonymous said...

my nails are rock hard and i mean it super hard they never brake ever my wife hates it i also found out how to grow them really really fast so fast its crazy but it works i growing out my pinky nails 1/4inch right now