Sunday, December 02, 2007

Prop Player Application

I've officially applied to be a "20-40 open prop player" at the Bicycle Casino, 25 minutes from my apartment when there's not much traffic. I would have to play 20-40 limit holdem or hi-lo stud eight-or-better, or $200 buy-in NL, depending on what the floorperson needs me for at any given time. My impression is that a lot of the time I would get to play whatever I want if I'm not needed. The two guys I talked to about the job (one current prop player and a supervisor) were very friendly, I'd get paid pretty well (probably about what my win rate is at the $500 game, thus doubling my income if I can maintain that win rate at these other games), and I think I'd even get health benefits and whatnot. On the other hand, it's a pretty long haul through LA traffic and I'm not accustomed to having to play a full 8 hours every day. Mostly I'll miss being able to set my own schedule, although there's also certainly something to be said for having some structure. I should know if I've got the job in two weeks, and I would possibly start in early January.

I'm also applying for grad school, and I'd start in fall '08 if I get in. Statistics.


Mr. Wu said...

getting paid to play poker?? that is awesome.

good luck on the grad apps too.

Calvin Brock said...
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