Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Strangeness at Hollywood Park

Every hour or so at Hollywood Park, an employee goes around to each table and scans the "Players Cards" for comp points. As a cue for players to get their cards ready, the scanner will usually announce "player's card!" as they approach. In a ridiculous amalgamation of Asian and Mexican accents, one day one of the Asian card-scanners exuberantly rolled the "L" in "Players Card" as he approached each table, which should not even be conceivable unless you are accustomed to pronouncing L's like R's.

There's another guy I have seen several times standing and chatting with people in the poker room while wearing a chrome bowl on his head as a helmet, complete with straps under his chin. The man himself looks somewhat like Flavor Flav. I hesitate to comment on this due to the possibility he wears it for some medical purpose, but either way, it is ridiculous-looking. I laugh inside every time I see him.


Max said...

You're a terrible person - laughing at old chromie. He's just protecting his thoughts from all the mind readers at the table.

How do the comps work at Hollywood park?

Mr. Wu said...

haha yeah, makes sense. anything to give you the edge.

as for the math quiz, i haven't taken it yet. honestly, i got stuck on the first one.

doesn't bode well if i plan to take the gres someday, does it?