Sunday, November 20, 2005

High School Reunion

Tomorrow I'm heading back home to the suburbs of Boston for Thanksgiving. It should be nice to get away from the city lights for a few days and see the family and some old friends.

On Friday night is my 5 year high school reunion. I imagine there will be some comical interactions when people ask me what I am doing nowadays and I tell them "playing poker in Las Vegas."Even here in Las Vegas, most people I meet outside of a poker room have a hard time believing that this could really be all I do to support myself. Still, the incredulous people are usually easier to deal with than the really hyper-interested people, who will undoubtedly feel it's okay to ask me how much I'm making. I'll have to come up with a satisfactory answer to this question before Friday. Usually I just say "I'm not getting rich, but I'm paying the bills." I guess that's a good enough answer. After the reunion, I'll post again and let you know who got fat.

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c said...

oh man, HS reunions suck. at mine, it was the cute male jocks who were fat and the used-to-be gawky/ugly girls who turned out nice and pretty. but it is torturous to talk to people about your life now, when you never even talked to them when they sat at the desk right next to you. you should tell them you are a hit man.