Sunday, August 21, 2005

Celebratory "Whoop" -ing

I've never really been one to cheer for my own success and I have always considered it rather obnoxious when other people do it. That's why I felt like a jackass when I did just that yesterday at the Bellagio. In my defense, the "whooo!", as it came out, was involuntary. What happened was that I had two people all-in before the flop and I had AA. The guy to my left turns over TT, and I'm thinking, of course, that the other guy also has some sort of pair, which would give me a nice 2/3 chance or so of winning. The third guy then turned over his hand.... also TT (which means I'm actually about 95% to win). I realized afterwards that it was the surprise of seeing another pair of tens as much as anything that caused the audible cheer on my part. This is certainly not the case with, for example, a football player who has just made a tackle and has a victory dance already prepared for the occasion. So, I can continue to view such celebratory shamelessness as obnoxious, confident in the fact that I'm not being hypocritical. Right?

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